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Seller's concession contract language Form: What You Should Know

Is a seller concession allowed in NC? Is it common? Find out.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Seller's concession contract language

Instructions and Help about Seller's concession contract language

Hey guys how you doing this is a new haunted house on Jesse N and listen a topic came up just now I actually a friend of mine out right now as we speak one of them at an open list I mean an open house okay so he's calling me he's all freaking out he's he's saying that oh the listing agent is saying that the solid is offering a three percent concession you know at closing what what does that mean because you know he's very new he's new to the business so you know everything aside I I you know I'm not yelling at him but I'm telling him I said dude you have to understand we talked about this already okay I even talked about it in my earlier posts so please follow you know my youtube and also you know it is it is crucial that you understand in in a real in a real estate transaction you understand exactly what it is that you're required to do or you require to understand in this case you must have the expertise and the knowledge you know in this transaction so let's talk about really quick okay seller's concession means the word concession means that you know the solid conceded to a whatever it is terms money in this case the it's the listing price is $499,000 so half a million dollars the sellers conceded to a 3% seller's concession and closing that means the seller is giving you $15,000 in credits to help you know in helping you to at the closing table with those closing costs so I know a lot of like FHA's FHA is and you know special loans they you know they have the sellers you know contribute to the you...

FAQ - Seller's concession contract language

If the seller's agent doesn't pra seller's agent disclosure prior to going into contract, can the contract be voided out?
I am answering because this was an A2A, but what Donald Tepper has said is all that I could have said. Check the local law regarding disclosure. Contract law is just that and is almost universal, but disclosure, unless legislated into your local contract requirements, has nothing to do with contract law.On a personal level, I cannot see how the failure of a selleru2019s agent, which ALL real estate agents were in the not too distant past, to disclose that relationship would have any bearing on a transaction. The contract rules and it doesnu2019t matter who represents whom when you have a willing seller and a willing buyer.
How likely is it for me to win a lawsuit where a seller wants to back out of a signed commercial real estate offer/contract?
Obligatory legalese: Iu2019m not a lawyer and you should consult one for legal advice.Generally speaking, if you have performed as specified in the contract, including putting in deposit, removing any applicable contingencies, and informing seller of your intent to close, then I think you have a pretty good case.However, in practical terms, itu2019s not clear if you should go to court. Lawyers are expensive and, depending on the contract and the state youu2019re in, you may not be able to get back your expenses, even if you win. And any case, even a winning one, is going to take a long time to complete, is it really worth your time and aggravation?
How do I fill out form 26QB for TDS in case of more than one buyer and seller?
Hi,Please select Yes in the column of Whether more than one Buyer/seller as applicable, and enter the Primary Member details in the Address of Transferee/Transferor & no need of secondary person details.The reason to include this is to know whether the agreement includes more than one buyer/seller, so the option is enabled.Hope it is useful.
How do I fill out the GST and get a GSTIN if Iu2019m a one time seller on eBay?
It is recommended to subscribe to an advanced yet easy-to-use ASP (Application Service Provider) who provides the platform for easy Return Filings. Alternately, MS-Excel utilities can be used for the filing purpose.Breaking the Return Format:We have a total of 13 different sections in GSTR-1 that must be filled by the registered vendor or the CA who is managing the businesses. Know More: enComply
In a dual language confidentiality contract having a form to fill about previous works do I have to fill it in both languages?
The question asks whether an individual who is entering into a confidentiality agreement that is written in two languages must prinformation about prior works in both languages.Unfortunately, no one on Quora can pra definitive answer for the following reasons:The first step is to examine the agreement to determine whether it addresses this issue - which no one on Quora can do because we do not have a copy of the agreement.Next, one would examine the agreement to determine which country's law applies (which those of us on Quora do not know).Then one would apply that law to the agreement to determine whether it influences the answer to the question.If you want a solid answer to this question, you should retain a lawyer in the applicable jurisdiction.
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