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How to write a va purchase contract Form: What You Should Know

PURCHASER 3. SELLER 4. DATE AND TIME 5. PAYMENT 6. RECEIPT OF MORTGAGE AND TAXATION 7. EXCHANGE AGREEMENT 8. LENDING AGREEMENT  9. LENDER NOTICE to REMOVAL  10. LENGTH OF PERIOD OF THE AGREEMENT 11. EXPLANATION OF PROPORTION OF THE PURCHASE PLEASE NOTE: The VA home loan application must be submitted to VA.gov before you submit the following information to the VA. VA Home Loan Online Application VA Loan Filing Fee: 50. The application will require 2 additional pages. 1-15 of the Application VA Home Loan Application 1 of each of pages 4, 5, and 6 (4 of 9) (2 of 10) (4 of 11) (2 of 12) (4 of 13) The following information must be included at the beginning of the purchase agreement Your name, the street address on which you are located, and an abbreviation or designation, if any, such as, if applicable, “town,” “village,” “neighborhood,” “regional,” or “township,” for example, “Collinsville” The VA home loan application must be submitted to VA.gov before you submit the following information to the VA: Virginia Residential Purchase and Sale Statement 1. The VA home loan application must be submitted to V.A.gov before you submit the following information to VA.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How to write a va purchase contract

Instructions and Help about How to write a va purchase contract

Thanks for tuning in. This is Anthony Car with the Keller Williams office in Falls Church, Virginia. I am the director of education. In this video, the first of a series, I will be explaining how to fill out the residential sales contract of the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors. Please note that this video is not sponsored by NVA. The Northern Virginia Association of Realtors is the sole copyright owner of this contract. I am producing this video as a service to the agents in our office and any other Realtors who may need guidance in filling out the contract correctly for their clients. Let me tell you, there are a lot of folks who need help with this. So, let's get started. The residential sales contract is the primary contract used in Northern Virginia for approximately 41,000 transactions. The contract is pretty straightforward, with about 250 blanks to fill out. On the front page alone, there are 43 choices to make. It may seem overwhelming, but filling out the contract correctly is crucial to ensure the necessary protections for your buyers and sellers. First and foremost, you need to include the date when your offer is being made. This date will be used across all the addenda and documents related to the contract. Whether it's the finance addenda or the home inspection addenda, the date of offer is crucial to keep everything consistent. Next, make sure you accurately enter the buyer's information. If you are the buyer's agent, input the buyer's legal name as it appears on legal documents. For example, if the buyer's name is legally Charles Smith but goes by Chuck Smith, make sure you enter their legal name on the contract. Similarly, for the seller, consider whether they are an individual or part of a trust. Look at the...