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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How to write a va purchase contract

Instructions and Help about How to write a va purchase contract

Thanks for tuning in this is Anthony car with the Keller Williams office in Falls Church Virginia the director of education in this video the first of a series of videos explaining how to fill out the residential sales contract of the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors this video is not sponsored by NVA are in the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors is the sole copyright owner of this contract I'm producing this video as a service of the agents in our office and any other Realtors who may need guidance and appropriately filling out the offer for their clients and let me tell you that's a lot of folks so let's get started the residential sales contract is the premiere contract used in Northern Virginia for about 41,000 transactions for sides of transactions in our area so the sales contract is pretty straightforward it's about two hundred and fifty blanks and boxes to fill out in the contract and on the front page there's 43 to choose from so there's a lot of things here that are laid out for you but if you don't feel them out appropriately you could be damaging the protections you would need to have for your buyers and your sellers so first off is the date you have to have a date of when your offer is being made that's important because the date of offer will be used to be filled out across all the addenda you'll be writing with the contract whether it's the finance addenda or the home inspection addenda or any other identity you'll need to put with the contract so the date of offer is very important between hope between the buyer and the seller buyer if you're the buyer agent is your client make sure that you're putting in the buyer here according to the way that they're legally considered Chuck Smith may be the guy that you're working with but his name legally may be Charles Smith so make sure you have the legal names inside these blanks the seller is usually an individual or individuals as well but you could be selling to a trust and so you want to make sure that you look at what the tax record says I'm going to switch over to this view here which is av of a tax record that has all the information in it that you'll need to fill out the paperwork for the contract so you'll be toggling between the tax record and the listing and the sales contract so I have them all free up on your screen as you're putting this together if you don't get online you want to click who you're representing as the cooperating brokerage the listing brokerage is in the MLS you would put that in here if it's a for sale by owner you would leave that blank and put in /a for non non applicable and then the cooperating brokerage would be your company and.


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